About Me

About Joanie Winberg


Life can be messy. No one knows that better than someone who has been a mom, wife and business partner all at once! Add in the risk and uncertainty of an entrepreneurial adventure, and you have a recipe for personal growth. Yes, I’ve learned that growth comes with difficulty.

Hello, it’s Joanie Winberg, Facilitator of the Entrepreneur Spouse Support Program, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and Divorce Mentor.

I’ve been a small business owner and entrepreneur for over 25 years. I’ve known the excitement of risking everything, even when there was so much to lose. I raised a family while growing a business and struggling to make a marriage work. And, when it was clear that the partnership could no longer be fulfilling, I learned how to walk away and start again, even when it seemed impossible.

In many ways, I had to forge my own path. In the social landscape of the nineties, family counseling was the only way to move your life forward. But I was determined to own my journey more fully. And, as I progressed, I wanted to use my experiences to help others learn and grow.

This passion led me to become a Divorce Mentor as well as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant. I started to work with other business women and the wives of entrepreneurs so that they could transform their partnerships and businesses, too.

I had learned that the problems that face women in relationships and partnerships are by no means unique, particularly in the context of a working economic relationship. There are certain dynamics and patterns that play out, and learning how to identify and take charge of them will empower you to create the life you want for yourself.

This is because relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Whether in business, marriage, co-parenting or even in the brief relationships that spring up in the course of our daily life with associates, friends and employees, learning how to deal with people and how to negotiate effectively is key to both our success and our happiness.

I can help you along with my team of experts learn how to:

  • Identify and own what you need
  • Communicate more effectively (smarter, not louder)
  • Find your voice (and speak out loud)
  • Be a better partner
  • Cultivate work/life balance
  • Take charge of your life, your relationships, your business and YOU

Fast forwarding to today, my passion is the support the spouse of an entrepreneur through practical tools and techniques on “how” to deal with the everyday stress, how to communicate with each other to stay connected and in love, plus to help the spouse discover and believe in his/her own dreams and goals.