Getting Along Solutions

Introductory Offer

​How to get along with others in minutes versus years

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Have you ever asked yourself these questions concerning your spouse, ex, children, teenagers, co-workers or even your boss?

  • Why did you do that?
  • What were you thinking?

Maybe you even asked yourself these questions… “What is the matter with you? Why can’t you be more normal like me?”


Would it be less stressful if you could:

  • Learn how to read people better?
  • Reduce the time required to get to know a person?
  • Communicate with confidence and negotiate with ease?
  • Break down communication barriers to feel heard and understood?

​A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead to conflict, tension, disappointment, hurt feelings, unmet expectations and poor communication.

The “Getting Along” Introductory Online offer includes:


  • A “LIVE” one hour group call with facilitator, Joanie Winberg (a Certified Interpersonal Skills Specialist, a Conflict Resolution Corporate Trainer and a Divorce Mentor)
  • Tips and tools to polish your interpersonal skills, including not only paying attention to the words you say and the way you say them, but taking into account the way others listen.
  • ​A 6 page Personality Assessment ( a positive and uplifting approach)

You will also learn the following about yourself:

  • Main motivation
  • Strengths/gifts
  • Value as a team member
  • Ideal environment to be your best
  • How you come across to others
  • Possible blind spots

Introductory Offer includes:

​A Self Discovery Report and a one hour group call.

ONLY $99.00