I’m so glad I worked with Joanie as my mentor. I was going through a difficult time and working with her clarified my wants, needs and goals as well as to trust myself again. I’m seeing positivity, possibilities and abundance all within my reach.

Joanie’s perception is a rare find. Within the first 15 minutes of our first coaching call, Joanie picked up on a quality that I’d never consciously realized I possessed and which nobody had ever commented on before! Getting external perspective from any coach is great…. a coach with Joanie’s perception is a rare find indeed! Joanie’s gentle energy and truly supportive nature is inspiring. When I was asked in a class for the names of the three people I most admired and why, Joanie’s name was first on the list. The understanding and results she helps her clients gain are what I want for my clients, too, and I admire her coaching skills.

Allison Wemyss


I feel very fortunate to have been coached by Joanie during what were the darkest days of my life thus far. She customized her coaching to fit my needs and my personality. Instead of getting me to try acting another way, she went with my character strengths and gave me significantly helpful tools to help me cope with my issues in a way that made sense to me. She was quick in perceiving what I needed when I needed it most. Most importantly, she was very adaptable. My life was very up and down for a while, and she allowed me to direct our sessions to the areas that were troubling me most. One of the most important things that Joanie has done for me was to help me to move beyond the storms. Yes, she provided time for me to grieve, but she also gently steered me toward the road to recovery. Without her guidance, I would have stayed down in the muck for at least another year. Her visualizations, quotes, and personality assessment are tools that I utilize often to keep me progressing in my journey. Joanie has provided me with a renewed hope about my life and healthy doses of maturity. She gave me tools to become a better friend and employee, and also taught me strategies for getting along with nearly anyone based on their personality type.

Joanie is a very nurturing, empathetic coach. She listens with a gentle intensity, and encourages with a gentle push. She is flexible while being strong. She asks wonderful questions, and has great models to use as examples for her coaching clients (like me) to use to move forward. Her professionalism and competence shine through in every interaction. Her positive attitude

Colleen Schaefgen

Silver Spring, MD

Reach your full potential. “Joanie is an amazing coach who can help you achieve your goals using an inside out approach that really gets results. She has a great passion for helping women through significant transitional changes in their lives, especially divorce. Her own ability to navigate those experiences with grace and agility uniquely qualifies her to help others in these areas.
Sharon C. Wilson

Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, Coaching From Spirit Institute

When I first met Joanie it was easy to be inspired by her positive attitude and generous nature, but I was soon to learn that my work was just beginning. Joanie helped me to see myself in a different place and gave me the tools to believe in myself and focus on my gifts and recognize my passions. Raising my children as a single parent has been my priority for many years, but with Joanie’s guidance, I have begun the process of realizing my dreams to start my own business. The powerful combination of the 8 week program and Joanie’s commitment to see me succeed has started me on the path of entrepreneurship and has inspired me to pursue my goals. Her enthusiasm is contagious!
Pauline Sullivan

Attorney, Attorney Mark Greene